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Such determination by the Board shall be based upon a written recommendation by the Credit Underwriter which has considered the economic and financial viability of the Development as well as the protection of the Corporation's repayment of principal and interest. Any distribution or payment to the Principal s of the Applicant or Developer or any Affiliate of the Principal of the Applicant or Developer or any Affiliate of the Applicant or Developer, whether paid directly or indirectly, which was not expressly disclosed in determining the annual debt service coverage in the Board approved final credit underwriting report, with the exception of payment of the Developer Fee allowable to maximum of 20 percent per year, will be added back to the amount of cash available for the SAIL loan interest payment, pursuant to the financial reporting process, for the purpose of determining interest due.

Interest may be deferred as set forth in subsection A change in lien position from subordinate to first changes payment priorities. Any payments of accrued and unpaid interest due annually on SAIL loans shall be deferred to the extent that Development Cash Flow is insufficient to make said payments pursuant to the payment priority schedule established in this rule chapter.

A penalty of 5 percent of any required payment shall be assessed. However, this certification requirement will be waived until Calendar Days after the Applicant's fiscal year end following the fiscal year within which the first unit is occupied. In the case where the SAIL Development contained occupied units at the time of acquisition, the initial submission will be due following the fiscal year within which the 12 month anniversary of the SAIL loan closing is observed.

The certification shall require submission of audited financial statements, the fully completed and executed annual reporting form, Financial Reporting Form SR-1, Rev.

The audited financial statements are to be prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America and audited in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America for the 12 month fiscal year period just ended and shall include: 1.

Comparative Balance Sheet with prior year and current year balances.

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