1st midamerica credit union loan payment

1st midamerica credit union loan payment

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Vehicle was repoed. Hubby had to fly in and miss several days of work to try to remedy the situation and get the truck back. We worked so hard to purchase it and were extremely proud of it. It caused stress and distress on our family. I have Lupus and stress is the one thing that will kill me. I do bill pay from our checking account every month I show payement sent with a confirmation number from my account through my bill pay I also 1st midamerica credit union loan payment the amount debited.

We constantly have issues and chase repeadidly calls saying non receipt of payment. Also I authortized. Helen Rohrman on many 1st midamerica credit union loan payment to be able to speak http://postoftheday1.com/nevada/score-credit-report.php them about the account since she does all the bill payments they are ruining my credit because of their incompedience.

I need some kind of action since these banking institutions change the rules as they go there is no protection for the consumer I send them check this out copy of my statement showing the debit and my confirmation number.

My creidit score has gone up and i am on time with my payments every month. They will not refinance me.

Please use the provided link to calculate a monthly payment or contact us. Calculate Your Payment. Individual credit qualifications may have down payment requirements. Your individual credit qualifications will determine your rate and term. The disclosed rates include a. Jnion cost GAP Protection is available on boat and recreational vehicle loans, various restrictions apply. Initial rate is discounted for the first 36 months, thereafter prime rate plus 1.

Applying for an FHA loan on the second home mortgage Before you consider applying for an FHA on a second home mortgage, you will want to focus on boosting your credit score and increasing your cash reserves. Jacquelyn Sublett. Connect with the Author:. Facebook Youtube Twitter Instagram. Recommended Posts.